Mesh advertising

Do you care about modern advertising that will allow you to present what you do in an attractive form? We recommend banners made on a large-format mesh. It is a material woven from small diameter meshes. This construction makes the whole thing light and durable at the same time. The structure lets light through and allows air to flow. Therefore, it works perfectly as a material for making advertisements of very large sizes. Its area can be from several hundred to even several thousand square meters. No one will be indifferent to this form of advertising! Printed advertising nets are most often used during mass events such as concerts, sports events or meetings organized at stadiums. By choosing a banner, you can be sure that your logo will be visible even from a distance. This is the best way to emphasize your presence. If you are a sponsor of a large event or want to present yourself to a large group during it, order a mesh print.

A large-format mesh with many possibilities

Perforated mesh can be used in various situations. Order a lightweight mesh with greater air and sound permeability when you want to hang it on stage during a concert. Then you will not disturb the music, and your advertisement will be perfectly visible from every point in the audience. If you care about the best display of graphics, order a mesh with a thicker weave. This will increase the readability of the elements printed on it. These types of products work best as advertising nets for buildings. They are an alternative to the traditional ones advertising banners. You can even cover a very large area with them. They are durable and, most importantly, easy to assemble. The biggest advantage and what distinguishes them from other products we offer is their low weight. Therefore, you can safely mount the advertisement on the mesh without worrying about loading the structure of the building or other place where it will be placed.




Mesh 280g
Eco 370g


Advertising made on the mesh can be used wherever other solutions would not work. You can hang it on a scaffolding, fence or specially prepared frame. Even if it is very large, thanks to the air permeability, there is no risk that it will break under the influence of the wind. The sheet will wave slightly, but will not be damaged. Light transmittance means that you can mount advertising on the mesh mesh on the front of the building, even if there are windows there. The banner will not obscure the view outside, but only slightly darken it. This solution will not limit you if you want to advertise in the city center, in a very busy place. This type of material will also work perfectly in the open, mounted on a fence surrounding a large construction site or company premises. You can put your logo on it and clearly mark the place where you do business.

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