Printed advertising flags

Effectively promote your brand and choose printed advertising flags. This type of identification works well when set in front of the company’s headquarters. The material placed on the mast is visible from a long distance, making it easier for customers to find a given place. In the smaller version, you can take the advertisement with you and place it in front of the market hall. We are a manufacturer of advertising flags operating on the market for years. We are constantly developing and investing in new technologies that allow us to produce modern and aesthetic products to identify and build the image of your business. You can order from us large-format advertisingas well as smaller gadgets. The flags are made of Decor 205g and polyflag materials. Their characteristic element is the holes that allow easier air flow, which makes the flag less resistant. We recommend using it in places with high wind intensity. The material hung on the mast will move under the influence of air movement. This is an additional advantage, because this form of advertising will attract more attention. Opt for it if you want to be more visible.

Vertical flags, i.e. assault and horizontal flags

We produce advertising flags of various types. You can order both vertically and horizontally hanging material from us. This allows you to customize it to your needs. Choose the size of the flag that best exposes your logo and other information on the ad. Also decide how high you want the mast to hang the material. The flag flying high will be visible from a great distance. It will work if you want customers to easily find your office. The advertisement will look good in front of a tall building. On the other hand, if you want to accentuate the entrance to the office, choose a flag placed at a lower height. Flags on the masts are a must-have scenery for all sports competitions, festivals and fairs. Each outdoor event can be the perfect backdrop for an effective marketing campaign aimed at promoting a brand, product or service. Are you planning to participate in such an event? Prepare for it in advance. Order a flag and get new customers.


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