Roll ups. Mobile advertising

If you want to advertise, you may also need portable solutions. Rollups are mobile structures that can be easily set up where you want to present your business. Customers often order them from us when they plan to participate in fairs, conferences or other events taking place outside the company’s headquarters. The whole consists of an aluminum frame and material for hanging on the bars. Mounting is very simple and can be done by virtually anyone. The poster rolls up into the cassette, which makes it possible to use the advertisement many times. Always after unfolding, the whole looks aesthetically and allows you to present the scope of your business in an elegant form. Roll ups, when folded, are light and do not take up much space. So you can conveniently transport them by car or using public transport.

Roll ups and other advertising materials. Equipment for fairs and conferences

We cooperate with many clients from Szczecin, nearby towns and from all over the country, providing them with various forms of stationary and mobile advertising. We deal with comprehensive visualizations designed to present business during travel events. You can order from us beach flags and portable roll-ups. We make advertisements in two standard sizes: 85 × 200 cm and 60 × 200 cm. Each of them allows you to present the most important information about your business. In addition to the classic dimensions, we also make projects for individual orders. Contact us and we will certainly find a solution.




Trico 205g
Semi Mat Blockout


The Compact model is light, handy, functional, made of high-quality anodized aluminum. Price leader among rollups. EXPRESS CLIP strip – instant print assembly.

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