Advertising banners. Laminated and coated PVC banner

We produce advertising banners. We make them in various formats, according to the customer’s wishes. We can apply any print or graphics on the material. This form of advertising is one of the most popular and effective ways to reach a wide audience. It can be hung on the facade of the building, fence or scaffolding. The large print makes the whole message clearly visible and attracts the attention of customers. The banner printed on the frontlit may contain your logo, address, contact details or information about the service you are currently promoting. Depending on the message, you can help customers reach your premises or build brand awareness. Once hung, the advertising banner will be visible in a given place as long as you decide. You can also order from us advertising nets for buildings. Thus, you will strengthen the message and mark your presence on the market even stronger. We will create for you a form of advertising that will present your business and attract new customers.

Durable banners printed on the frontlit

In our products, we use coated frontlit with a weight of 440 g. This thickness makes the material durable and resistant to weather conditions. A banner made of it can be hung outside the building without fear that it will break down under the influence of strong wind or heavy rain. We can also print on a laminated base. Typical finishes for this product include reinforcement around the ad and tunnels for easy hanging. In the case of advertising assembly in special wall-mounted systems, the banner is trimmed with a “keder” from the top and bottom.




Baner Frontilt 440g


One of the most popular and cheapest banner materials used in outdoor advertising. It perfectly tolerates moisture, is resistant to solar radiation, medium wind intensity and temperature changes. To obtain a larger surface, it is possible to weld smaller pieces, then we gain a very large advertising surface.

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