Beach flags. Mobile form of advertising

You want to advertise during an event, fair or other outdoor event. An interesting form that you can choose are the so-called. beachflags. Their construction consists of a light aluminum frame and a sheet of fabric attached to it. The whole thing resembles a sail. It also has properties. The use of a material with a mesh structure allows air to flow and waves under the influence of the wind. This makes the ad more dynamic and catches the eye of potential customers.

Winders in various shapes

We offer several different types of advertising flags. You can choose the shape that best exposes your name and logo. Each of them can be finished according to the customer’s wishes with an elastic band or a tunnel. For the convenience of use, we offer complementary accessories to the set. Thanks to them, you can place your ad in various conditions. The metal base works well on an even surface, such as concrete or paving stones. You can use the cross brace indoors or wherever the mast will stand stably and require stronger support. The water cushion will allow you to place an advertisement on the surface of a lake, in a swimming pool or other body of water. The screw-in screw will work on sand or other soft ground. Winders as well traditional advertising flags they attract the eye and strengthen the brand’s position. The logo, slogan or other information placed on the mast looks attractive and builds a positive image of the business advertising in this way. Advertising flags can be used indoors, but they look best in outdoor campaigns. Placed outside, they dynamically flutter in the wind, effectively attracting the attention of passers-by.



M (260x65cm)
L (340x86cm)


Beachflags can be displayed up to a maximum wind force of 10m/s. Finish with printed fabric tunnel. Available on 115g Trico (knit) fabrics.

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