Advertising walls. Visible presentation of your business

Are you going to a fair, exhibition or planning a new exhibition? The proposal of express printing on a portable wall seems to be the best solution. You can set such an ad anywhere. Use it as an element of the entire arrangement at your exhibition stand or place it in a visible place in the office. A large sheet of material hung on the frame allows you to put various information on it. It can be a company logo, any text or information about new products or services. The wall can be an alternative to a smaller one roll-up ads or accompany it as a supplement. We print the products you order on Decor material with a weight of 205 g. It allows you to obtain an expressive print in saturated colors. Then you can be sure that your logo or text will be clearly visible and attract the attention of customers.

Exhibition walls

A sizable wall can come in handy for you in many situations. In addition to being a strong advertising accent, you can also use it to obscure areas in your company that should be out of sight of visitors to your headquarters. You can also use this item as a backdrop for photos. Placing your company logo on the wall will reinforce your message and build the image of the business you are running. Use it during a trade show or conference and immortalize the most important moments and meetings on its background.


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