What determines the effectiveness of a banner ad?

Running any business requires attracting customers interested in a particular product or service and getting them to make a purchase. Among the factors that have the greatest impact on the results obtained are various marketing and promotional activities. For most companies, the solution that will work best and at the same time offer a favorable ratio of the results obtained and the costs incurred will be outdoor advertising. Within this category, one of the best choices will turn out to be classic advertising banners. Let’s find out what their biggest advantages are and see what can affect their effectiveness.

Why should you use banner ads?

There are many different forms of outdoor advertising that can be used to promote a company or its specific products or services. One of the solutions that are particularly popular are advertising banners. They are made of a variety of materials – usually these will be outdoor-strength synthetic fabrics, which guarantee low dead weight, high flexibility for easy installation and adaptation to all kinds of surfaces, as well as trouble-free endurance of precipitation, sunlight and wind or exposure to possible mechanical damage. An important feature of banners is also that they can be mounted on almost any elements. Most often they are hung on specially prepared racks, but it is also possible to place them on fences or building elements. There is also the option of stretching between poles and on structures set up for this purpose. Among the strengths of banners will also be the use of any color scheme, combining different colors, lettering and graphic elements.

What features of an advertising banner will be the most important?

In the case of any type of advertising-promotional activity, among the most important factors determining the effectiveness will be the selection of the content of the message and the way in which it will be exposed. In the first case, it will be crucial to include on the banner information relevant to the potential customer. Banners can serve a variety of purposes – many indicate the location of a company, making it easy to get to its headquarters. Others make prospects aware of specific elements of an offer, or the company’s name or capabilities in a particular area. Some banners also show the details of an offer, or even show the benefits of buying from a particular location. When it comes to the presentation of the banner, what matters most will be whether it is placed in a place where it is likely to attract the attention of the message’s addressees. This includes the size of the banner, the height at which it will be placed and its proximity to competing ads.

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