Types of advertising banners

Outdoor advertising is an important tool for effective marketing, which is used by both market giants and small and medium-sized companies operating mainly in the local market. One of its major advantages is the wealth of possibilities offered, both in terms of the freedom to construct the message and the multitude of options available to those interested. It is worth remembering, however, that some of the solutions are chosen more often, as companies see in them greater potential not only in terms of impact, but also such a key parameter as the cost of reaching a potential customer. Among the various options, banner ads certainly deserve special attention. Let’s take a closer look at them and see what determines their success.

Frontlit advertising banners

The basic types of advertising banners used most often in promotional activities are the simplest solution in the form of the so-called frontlit, which is a classic fabric made of polyester fibers. It can have different weave density and grammage, while standing out for its excellent resistance to tearing and taking in dirt. It is relatively flexible and has a high tolerance to a wide range of temperatures. Its surface is finished in white, which means that all prints made with solvent printing technology or UV printing will have natural colors with good saturation. Banners of this type are ideal where one-sided printing and a relatively low cost of making the whole thing is needed. Depending on the structure on which they are to be exposed, metal grommets are used as the fastening system, through which it is easy to pass a rope used to tension and fix the material, or tunnels placed at the ends. Importantly, the fabric can be coated with a layer of PVC or similarly laminated. This increases the mechanical strength and also allows it to better cope with dirt. Frontlit banners are usually placed on fences or building walls, and sometimes also on metal structures attached to them.

Double-sided blockout banners

Another frequently chosen option is the double-sided blockout banner. It is made of plastic fabric, which consists of three layers – a middle layer, which prevents light from penetrating its surface, and two outer layers that allow preparation of prints. Thanks to such a construction, the material can be freely printed without worrying that the inscriptions or images will “pierce” to the other side. This type of material works great where the banner is to be visible from both sides.

Mesch mesh banners

Another type of products that work well for outdoor advertising are mesh banners. In this case, the material has an openwork structure, so it resembles canvas with a rather sparse weave. Due to the fact that the holes are relatively small in proportion to the surface of the banner, they will not be visible. At the same time, such a structure makes the mesh ideal where it is necessary to ensure the penetration of light, for example, when placing on a facade where there are windows. Equally important will be the fact that the holes reduce the load of the wind, which can flow much more freely through the entire structure than with other materials.

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