Forms of outdoor advertising

Effectively reaching potential customers with a company’s marketing message requires the use of various available channels, thus significantly increasing the likelihood that it will be noticed and have a chance to influence future purchasing decisions whether by building brand awareness or advertising a specific product or service. One way to increase the chances of getting the attention of those in your target audience is to place marketing messages in the spaces surrounding them, thus using various forms of outdoor advertising also known as outdoor advertising.

Billboards – traditional forms of outdoor advertising

One of the oldest, yet highly effective and cost-effective ways of outdoor advertising is the use of advertising billboards. Although the term is primarily associated with large-format advertising and large structures placed in highly visible locations and covered with posters printed on paper or film, it also includes smaller billboards placed in places where they will be in sight of passersby. They can take the form of metal frames in which the print is placed, but also stumbling blocks such as spaced displays or diapasons. An effective type, which can be included in the category of advertising boards, will be the so- called citylights, which are types of coffers in which the poster printed on thin film is illuminated from behind, making it more visible, and the colors used more vivid and striking.

Banners and nets – attractive methods of outdoor advertising

One very effective way to draw attention to an advertising message is to ensure that it occupies a large and highly visible area. A way to achieve this is to use mesh nets printed to form a suitable image with accompanying slogans. Mesh of this type can be placed on the facades of buildings, construction scaffolding set up for repairs or specially spaced metal structures from simple frames to complex elements and forming spatial structures. Also popular are advertising banners made of synthetic fabrics stretched on fences, walls where there are no windows or specially prepared frames.

Advertising flags

Flags have become a very popular way to advertise, and at the same time often also an element of marking a company’s headquarters, which allows it to be found more easily. Advertising flags made of plastic materials are also often a branding element displayed at the point of sale. In addition to traditional flags hoisted on masts, so-called beach flags are also used, i.e. smaller flags placed on stands set on the ground. Garlands are also used, which are small pennants joined together with a rope, usually hung outside. They can contain, for example, a company logo or have colors associated with it.

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