Where does large-format advertising work best?

All products and services require appropriate advertising, and its content and form should be tailored to the industry in which the company operates, as well as the target group to which it is to be directed. Only by taking into account the characteristics of customers will it be possible to optimally allocate funds allocated for marketing activities. For most businesses, the best solution remains the use of outdoor advertising, which guarantees to reach a significant audience. The variety that enjoys the greatest success and offers high efficiency is large-format advertising, which will not only be easy to spot, but also relatively durable and affordable in terms of cost. Let’s take a closer look at the available options.

Advertising billboards

The traditional means used in almost all outdoor campaigns are classic advertising billboards. They take the form of posters pasted on boards placed in highly visible places – on self-supporting structures placed along roads and streets, but also hung on the walls of buildings or fences. Their advantage is the ability to frequently change the type of content presented, as well as the relatively low cost of production and simple change of content.

Frontlit advertising banners

An alternative to posters hung on billboards are so-called frontlits, which are prints placed on fabric made of polyester fibers. They are created using solvent technology or UV printing, which guarantees them high durability and resistance to weather factors and ultraviolet radiation. The great advantage of this solution is good color quality and resistance to tearing and dirt deposition. The fabric is equipped with grommets spaced along the sides, thanks to which it can be easily hung with ropes on any metal structure with a suitable surface.

Mesh advertising banners

An interesting form of large-format outdoor advertising are mesh banners, which can reach very large sizes. This is achievable due to their openwork structure, which makes the whole thing not too heavy, and at the same time allows light to penetrate, so it can also be placed on the facades of buildings. Such a structure also increases durability and does not put a lot of strain on the whole structure by wind pressure or its suction force. Advertising of this type can be mounted on buildings, scaffolding, fences, as well as various structures of larger size.

Advertising flags

A way to make outdoor advertising highly visible is also to hang advertising flags. Prints made on fabrics provide almost unlimited possibilities for the presentation of advertising content, they also harmonize with other solutions, complementing their message. The advantage of flags is good visibility and high durability.

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