Products made on film. For the highest quality we print on the foil of prestigious brands: Avery, Neschen, Oracal.

In the basic offer we have the following types of foil:

  1. the surface:

    – white matte,
    – white glossy,
    – transparent

  2. the  adhesion:

    – with removable glue,
    – with permanent glue,
    – easy dot (DOT type adhesive film that allows easy application without bubbles and possible relocation of the print to another location without loss of adhesive properties. Does not leave dirt on the glued surface,
    – Adhesive (Yupo Tako type, Naschen Grip, non-gluing film, allowing multiple transfers without loss of adhesion) 100% recyclable material,

  3. for special tasks:

    – one way vision (perforated white foil with light transmission up to 50%, often used in shop windows and vehicles),
    – magnetic (0,4 and 0,6 mm thickness covered with printing foil, characterized by high elasticity, corrosion resistance, permanent magnetic properties. It is an attractive media for visual advertising)

    For our customers we offer a wide range of laminates for use on foils. They are used to protect digital prints, protect against abrasions and UV rays. The specific type is a floor laminate, which not only protects, but also has anti-slip properties.

Other products

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